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We originated in EUROPE: ITALIA. We have operated within ITALY, GERMANY and THE NETHERLANDS since 1982.

Since 1997 we have also been connected with the USA marketplace. We established ourselves in Florida and New Jersey, as Importers and Distributors.

Since 2007 we have been operating within ASIA. We established our FIRST ENTERPRISE on August-2008 in CHINA. And in 2009, in HONG KONG.

We focus on Procurement ResearchingResearch, Engineering, Developing NEW and SPECIFIC PRODUCTS.

Our Technical and Commercial Staffs work together with many Vendors to adequate the “requirements” of our CLIENTS’ Local Markets.

It includes the Design Model Services (processes and technology, supplier optimization), the Components Engineering’s Parts (reverse analysis, hardware, middleware, software, materials, coatings), as well as the Procurement Engineering Process (PO, local buying contracts, manufacturing follow-up, package, warehousing, domestic and international logisticlogistics, customs, insurance, courier).

We have a TAILOR-MADE approach to every request from our CUSTOMERS, and we manage to deal simultaneously with as many Vendors are as necessary to catercatering to their Technological and Trading Needs.

In STRONGESTECH, we are simple, straightforward and carefully careful to ALL CLIENTS’ WORKS!


PROCUREMENT > SAVE COSTS (and time too).

We increase your margins by sourcing and supplying efficiently your Organization.

We identify opportunities for “Procurement Savings”, then develop options to modify your process, and “Implement Changes” to create value.

A) INTELLI-Procurement Improvement

Using the Organization own Data, we can provide insights (machine learning) for an improvement for supply chain and procurement intelligence.

B) OPTIMIZING Vendors Results

By analysis and implementation of the procurement data-relation with the Organization Suppliers, we can creat an improved purchase road. Our guidance can recommend actions to increase the benefits acquired from your regular vendors.

C) DATA-System: better Technological Process

Helping the establishment of simple and direct systems to acquire and store Procurement and Supply Chain information WILL create an agile and light Management System for your Enterprise.



To improve continually the processes and systems, we offer our clients with a network of DATA and ENGINEERING tools. They get embedded with a set of actions to faster and better supply the demand for newer components (electronics, telecom, automation, medical, sports).


Multi-focus attention: decreasing buy-prices, improving supply payment terms, reducing delivery time and driving down logistics: value created !


We manage the road-map engineering documents creation: Concept Design, Engineering Analysis, Technical Development, Modeling and Manufacturing Support.


We provide support to design and engineer of new/improved product. Using tools like CAD drawing, 3D conversion, thermal analysis, reverse engineering, ergonomic design And finite element calculus, we can CHECK the behavior and final prototype result.